Week 10: Ravens at Seahawks (Game Thread)

The Seahawks always have a chance to win when they’re playing on their home turf with the 12th Man at full volume, but the Ravens are not an easy team to beat.  Baltimore’s defense is its usual tough self this year, and this game could get rough in a hurry if the Hawks let themselves get bottled up on offense. 

Thankfully, there’s some good news, too.  The Ravens’ are much less formidable on the other side of the ball (25th in yards per rushing attempt, 24th in yards per passing attempt, 28th in completion percentage), and if the Hawks pull out a win today it’ll most likely be because the defense was able to keep Joe Flacco and Ray Rice under wraps long enough for Tarvaris Jackson and company to figure out how to cut down on the penalties and score some points.