Week 1: Seahawks at 49ers (Game Thread)

The regular season is here, and we’re starting off with a good divisional matchup against the 49ers this afternoon.  Seattle’s o-line is still a work in progress and Tarvaris Jackson still has a lot to prove, but the defense is looking good, the receiving corps is deep, and lineup at running back reads like a fantasy football roster.  This is a team filled with promising young talent, and game one is as good a time as any to start turning all that potential into results.

Besides, San Francisco has already done us a solid by letting Alex Smith continue to be their starting quarterback.  Anybody remember the “We want Carr! We want Carr!” chants from last season?  And then Smith arguing Singletary into letting him stay in at QB so he could throw another back-breaking interception?  Good times.

For the morning game, I’ll be watching the Rams to see how they fare against the Eagles’ expensive new secondary.  I’m guessing a lot of offensive coordinators who have Philly on their schedules are going to keep an eye on that one.  I’ll also be watching the night game between the Jets and Cowboys.  Even if you don’t care for either team, the matchup between Rex Ryan’s take on his dad’s defense and Jason Garrett’s version of the Coryell offense (or at least the Coryell offense as filtered through Norv Turner and Ernie Zampese) should be interesting from a pure X’s and O’s perspective.

But that’s all secondary.  Today, all I really want is to see the Seahawks get a victory on the road to start the season.  I want James Carpenter and Breno Giacomini to keep Jackson clean, I want Brandon Browner to frustrate all those tall 49ers wideouts until they throw tantrums on the sideline, and I want to see San Francisco fans filing out of the stadium before the end of the third quarter.