Week 1: Cardinals 20, Seahawks 16

Well, that wasn’t quite what we expected. 

Russell Wilson’s first half left much to be desired, though he did bounce back and have a nice second half — and incredible field position thanks to the kick return prowess of Leon Washington.

But where was the red zone offense? Where were the conversion opportunities? And where was the pass defense?

These are questions that need to be seriously addressed going into a tough matchup versus Dallas next Sunday, even if the game is at CenturyLink Field.

The good:

-Sidney Rice looked healthy and back to his normal self, catching four passes and a touchdown. He did struggle to separate from coverage most of the day, but getting it in the end zone is all that counts.
-Russell Wilson looked nervous at first, but shook off the jitters and kept the offense going at a relatively steady pace the rest of the game.
-Marshawn Lynch looked healthy and effective. The offense wouldn’t have been the same without him — make no mistake about it. He is our offensive identity now.

The bad:

-The secondary didn’t look as hot as advertised. They had a rough first half, letting John Skelton and Andre Roberts do whatever the hell they wanted. Not exactly a terrorizing duo there, so where was the trouble? 
-QB pressure was simply not a factor until the second half, when Bruce Irvin and Chris Clemons managed to force John Skelton into a dumb decision and throw a pick, while simultaneously murdering his legs. He had to be carted off the field — which is something you never want to see — but that’s where another trouble spot began.
-Kevin Kolb came in and led the Cardinals offense to an immediate scoring drive that the Seahawks would not recover from. I realize the gameplan didn’t include Kolb, but still — he looked skittish and not at all confident in the pocket during preseason. Was this the same player we saw then?

Feel free to post more reactions and comments below. I have a feeling we have a lot of things to talk about after today.