The Secondary

After evaluating the linebacking corps in my last article and concluding that it has some pretty good potential, this time I’ve turned my attention to the secondary, which is going in the complete opposite direction.  Along with the o-line, d-line, and quarterback position, the secondary is arguably one of the biggest concerns the Seahawks have.

I’ll start at cornerback, which is a mess.  Let’s face it, Marcus Trufant will not go back to his pro bowl year; he just can’t keep up with #1 receivers anymore.  He could still be a serviceable 2nd corner, but he cannot be the shutdown corner that we desperately need.  Then there’s Kelly Jennings, and all I can do is laugh.  I mean, really?  Jennings started for us last year — how were we not one of the worst secondaries in the league?  Oh, wait, we were!  Jennings is a joke; his play is horrible and I hope the Seahawks don’t re-sign him.

Behind them, the depth at CB is very thin.  Walter Thurmond hs the potential to become a very good cornerback and I think he was a steal in last year’s draft, but he is not an elite corner.  Roy Lewis is a special teamer at best.  The next best shot for someone who could make the 53 man roster is Brandon Browner, the 6’3″ 2010 CFL all-star.  Watching him in the CFL, the guy is amazing; if he can translate the success he had in Canad to the NFL (easier said than done) he could be a starter. 

There’s also a good amount of CB talent in the draft this year, but if the Seahawks want a really good corner they’ll need to take one in the first round because the best ones will all be gone by the time they pick again.  I like Jimmy Smith from Colorado.  He’s a Pete Carroll type guy, a tall, physical press corner.  He would be the best CB option for Seattle in the draft.

Safety is a much more promising position.  Earl Thomas will be a pro bowler, so we’re set at free safety, but who gets to start next to him?  I really believe Kam Chancellor is the answer; he could be very good in this league, and quite honestly he’s the best option the Seahawks have got.  Safety isn’t a great concern for the organization, as there are positions with much greater needs to address.

If not Chancellor, then Jordan Babineaux could get a look, but he is not the longterm answer that Kam would be.  If you really want to draft someone late, two possible options are Will Hill from Florida and Robert Sands from West Virginia.  Personally, I believe Sands is the better choice, as he has greater potential and has a bigger chance of succeeding.

As you can see, the secondary is a mess (especially at cornerback), but it can be fixed.  If Trufant can become the second corner, where he’ll be much more likely to succeed, then the Seahawks should draft Jimmy Smith.  Imagine a four-way battle between Smith, Browner, Thurmond, and Trufant on the depth chart.  The three guys who came out on top in that competition could really make a big impact in this league for Seattle.