The Run on D-Linemen Continues; Pouncey Gets Drafted

Six of the first sixteen picks have been defensive linemen: four defensive ends (Quinn, Smith, Kerrigan, and Watt) and two defensive tackles (Dareus and Fairley).  Roughly four 1st round-worthy d-linemen are still on the board, so if they keep going at a rate one every thee picks there should still be some decent options available when the Seahawks go on the clock.

[UPDATE: Make that nine defensive linemen in the first twenty-one rounds. -Ed.]

One name that is no longer available, unfortunately, is Mike Pouncey, who just went to the Dolphins.  Now all they need in Miami is a quarterback worth protecting.  If Gabe Carimi also comes off the board, the Seahawks are likely going to have to wait to look for interior offensive linemen in later rounds of the draft.