The New Comment System and Jake Locker

Longtime reader and commenter STTBM recently made me aware that many of you have been having problems with the Livefyre system Bloguin implemented to replace the site’s old comment system.  I apologize — had I known so many of you were having problems with the Livefyre system, I would have done something about it much sooner.  As things stands now, the good people at Bloguin have switched us back to the old comment system at my request, and I’ve also asked not to be switched back to Livefyre in the future regardless of what they do to fix their software.  I’d much rather stick with an older system that makes it easy for you guys to talk to each other than stick with a shiny new system that drives everyone away.

On another subject, someone who does PR for ESPN3 sent me an email today asking me if I could let you guys know that they will be broadcasting  the University of Washington’s Pro Day tomorrow (Wednesday the 30th) at 2 PM Eastern, 11 AM Pacific.  Since Jake Locker will be in attendance, I agreed to pass on the information.  You can find the link to the site here.

Beyond those items, the antibiotics are kicking in and life is starting to look good again.  As always, if any of you have questions or concerns you can contact me by posting in the comments or send me an email using the form you can find via the link at the top of the page.  You guys are what makes this place fun, and I’m always open to your input.