Tacoma Cobras Season Opener

I don’t know about the rest of you, but without free agency and the draft still a few days away, I’ve been suffering from an acute case of football withdrawals.  Well, as luck would have it, there is indeed some football to be had this weekend.  On Saturday the 23rd, the Tacoma Cobras of the Professional Developmental Football League will be playing their season opener at the Stadium Bowl with the kickoff scheduled for 7:00 PM.

Now, I know that you guys would rather be watching the Seahawks, but they don’t play in April — the Cobras do.  And judging by Jeremy Helling’s recent article in the Tacoma Weekly, they seem to know what they’re doing.  To go along with the scattering of former Huskies and Cougars on their roster, the Cobras also have the league’s reigning defensive MVP (safety Ammar Othman), plus they’ve been league champions for two years running (granted, the PDFL has only been around since 2009, but still).

If I hadn’t had to spend all my money on U-Haul rentals this month I’d drive up to check out the game myself, but one of Seahawk Addicts’ writers should be there to cover the game in my stead (if you see a guy in the stands scribbling down notes, it’s probably him — be nice and buy him a drink or something, would you?).