Seahawks Win! (R-Rated Post)

Preseason wins are ultimately meaningless, but it still feels nice to say: Seahawks win!

Before I open up the inaugural R-rated postgame thread of the season, here’s a few quick observations:

  • Wide Receivers: Doug Baldwin was as good as advertised, Golden Tate looked much improved over last year, and Chris Carter & Pat Williams both made some nice catches.
  • A couple of other guys who caught my eye were Leo DE Pierre Allen, DT Lazarius Livingston, and DBs Richard Sherman, Brandon Browner, Jesse Hoffman, and Jeron Johnson.
  • In the QB competition, Charlie Whitehurst looked more comfortable to me than Tarvaris Jackson, and after a shaky start third-string rookie Josh Portis looked like pure, undiluted awesome.
  • I counted three pass deflections by the d-line: one by Alan Branch, and two by Livingston (I think the second one was him, at least).
  • Moffitt and Carpenter looked great in run blocking, which is what we expected to see from them, but they also looked shaky in their pass blocking (Moffitt especially), which unfortunately we also expected to see from them.  Tom Cable is going to make some ears bleed when he next gets his guys in the meeting room.

Seahawks Win! R-Rated Post

Wow, we needed that.

Hasselbeck has a broken rib? You’d never have known. Here’s a fun fact, the Seahawks have pitched exactly 50% of the shutouts in the NFL this year, and have given up only 25 points at home. 14 of those points came on dubious touchdowns in the Bears game. If our defense can play like this on the road, we’re a Super Bowl team. That’s an enormous if though, as nothing has indicated they can stop an aging panda bear while on the road. Still.

It feels great, and it was a win that we absolutely had to have. This team is not a joke, and we saw today how important Matt Hasselbeck is to our success. Incredible effort, and… Nick Reed? Come on!!! That felt great.

Seahawks Win! R-Rated Post

The Seahawks have gone 4-0 in the preseason for the first time in franchise history. What does that mean? Not a whole lot, but my brother Tim found a link giving some nice stats on the situation.

  • Officiating was terrible in this game.
  • The scrub defense got a bit tired at the end, evident by the final score being much closer than reality would indicate the game was.
  • Olindo Mare firmly cemented himself as the only kicker who can get the ball in the endzone on kickoffs. If he doesn’t make the roster, I’ll be very annoyed.
  • Obamanu had a great game, trying to push the Seahawks into taking a sixth receiver. I still think Taylor wins the one on one competition with him, but with Deion Branch catching a combined 2 balls in four games, a case has to be made that he’s somewhat expendable for the right price.
  • Reed and Bennett both looked great today, but it was clear Bennett was trying a little too hard. He had three dumb penalties. Reed is just a flat-out football player.
  • Lawrence Jackson refuses to show up. I don’t get it. He actually had a decent amount of playing time today, not that it was easy to notice that fact without his name being called once.
Update: This was supposed to post awhile ago! My bad!

Seahawks Win! R-Rated Post

The Seahawks defeated the Denver Broncos 27 – 13! Keeping with tradition, it’s an R-Rated post, so, y’know, have at it there.

Well, the second half was a bit more lopsided than the first, now wasn’t it?

  • Nick Reed looked fantastic, blocking a kick, grabbing a sack and a half, and generally disrupting play after play. Michael Bennett hasn’t stood out too much to me, but I will be re-watching the game tomorrow and paying closer attention to him. Oh, except for that INSANE sack with a minute left. Yowzers.
  • First half defensive MVP: Darryl Tapp. In fact, I think Tapp was the only consistent player on defense in the first half. In the second half it’s a split between Nick Reed and Will Herring. Herring has been playing incredibly well these past two weeks.
  • Justin Forsett impressed a lot in the passing game averaging 9 yards per reception on what were almost all screens.
  • Kevin Hobbs and Kelly Jennings both had much better games this week, but they were also tested much, much less than week one. Still, we’ll take what we can get.
  • This is an attacking defense, and I don’t think we’ve really even started to see the real lines of attack. There has been pretty minimal blitzing throughout the game, relying heavily on the front four to get pressure, which the second team has been able to do but the first team did not. The Broncos have had one of the best offensive lines for the last decade, so this isn’t a total shock. It is a concern though.
  • Our special teams has been decent, Jon Ryan was good again today – about 50 yards per punt, 3 inside the 20 and a touchback. Coverage teams have been hardhitting and effective, at least they were once they got warmed up.