Seahawks-Rams Inactives

Seahawks Inactives:

  • WR Brandon Stokley
  • DT Amon Gordon
  • G Paul Fanaika
  • T Breno Giacomini
  • T Will Robinson
  • T Stacy Andrews
  • LB Joe Pawalek
  • QB J.P. Losman (3rd QB)

Rams Inactives:

  • S Michael Lewis
  • CB Justin King
  • LB David Nixon
  • LB Curtis Johnson
  • G John Greco
  • WR Mardy Gilyard
  • TE Derek Schouman
  • DT Jermell Cudjo

No surprises here.  Stokley being inactive is unfortunate, but hardly unexpected given his injury history.  On the Rams side of things, Michael Lewis doesn’t appear to be faring much better with his new team after forcing his way out of San Francisco, and it’ll be interesting to see if he sticks on the roster after this season. 

Also, I know absolutely nothing about Jermell Cudjo, but that is a hell of a name to dump on a child.  Sometimes I think parents use a sliding scale to pick their kids’ names — the harder the pregnancy and labor, the more ridiculous the name becomes.