Seahawks Contracts

With all this talk about free agents and the combine lately, I thought it might be helpful to take a quick look at who the Seahawks still have under contract.  To make the data more useful for our purposes, I’ve broken the list down into position groupings so that you can see how much money the team has invested in each position, along with the salary (including bonuses) each player is scheduled to earn in 2011 and how many years (and how much money) is left on the remainder of their contracts.  And just for the sake of completeness, I’ve also included free agents who played the final year of their contracts in Seattle last season, as well as all the players who are known to have signed futures contracts with the team.

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Player 2011 Salary Remainder of Contract
Nate Davis Futures Contract
Matt Hasselbeck Free Agent
JP Losman Free Agent
Charlie Whitehusrt $4 mil 1 year, $4 mil
Total $4 mil

You’re reading that correctly — as of right now, Charlie Whitehurst is the only quarterback on the roster currently scheduled to get paid in 2011.  Davis will have his chance to earn a spot in training camp, contract talks are still ongoing between Hasselbeck and the front office, and the team may very well pick up a QB at some point in the draft, but in the meantime looking at this mostly empty table makes me nervous.

Running Backs:

Player 2011 Salary Remainder of Contract
Justin Forsett $555k 1 year, $555k
Chris Henry $555k 1 year, $555k
Marshawn Lynch $1.14 mil 1 year, $1.14 mil
Leon Washington $3 mil (?) 4 years, $12.5 mil
Michael Robinson Free Agent
Total $5.25 mil

The yearly breakdown of Washington’s newly-signed contract has yet to be released, so $3 million for 2011 is a rough estimate.  His multi-year deal also lessens my concern over Forsett and Lynch being scheduled to hit free agency at the same time, which increases the likelihood that at least one of them will sign elsewhere in 2012, but that’s a topic to worry about a year from now.

Oh, and just in case you needed more evidence that the traditional fullback position is slowly edging toward joining the wingback and spinner positions in pro football obsolescence, the only fullback on the roster, Michael Robinson, is currently a free agent.

Wide Receivers:

Player 2011 Salary Remainder of Contract
Deon Butler $480k 2 years, $1.05 mil
Chris Carter Futures Contract
Dominique Edison Futures Contract
Ruvell Martin Free Agent
Ben Obomanu $2.1 mil 4 years, $6.4 mil
Isaiah Stanback $555k 1 year, $555k
Brandon Stokley Free Agent
Golden Tate $405k 3 years, $1.47 mil
Mike Williams $3.1 mil 4 years, $10 to $10.3 mil
Patrick Williams Futures Contract
Total $6.64 mil

(Mike Williams will have the opportunity to earn $150k workout bonuses in 2012 and 2013)

In the wide receiver corps, Stokley is the only major 2010 contributor who is not curently under contract.  I would put 50-50 odds on him returning to Seattle next year.  He’s a solid player and a great mentor for the younger receivers (just look at the impact he had on Eddie Royal in Denver), but he’s also old and injury-prone, plus now that Jeremy Bates is gone he no longer has the added benefit of being intimately familiar with the team’s offense.

Given the seriousness of Butler’s late-season leg break, it’s anyone’s guess as to when he’ll be able to play again.  Which is awful news for him, but it also opens up an opportunity for someone currently on the fringes to step up in camp and earn a roster spot.  It also means there’s a greater possibility that Martin could be re-signed, especially given his rapport with QB Whitehurst.  I wouldn’t mind seeing Martin in a Seahawks uniform again, but I’m probably just blindly rooting for an underdog here.  After all, we’re talking about a guy who was cut twice by Seattle last year, and in 2009 he only managed six catches in eight games on a Rams team whose other wideouts were all either injured or legally dead.

Tight Ends:

Player 2011 Salary Remainder of Contract
Chris Baker $1.5 mil 1 year, $1.5 mil
Dominique Byrd Futures Contract
John Carlson $620k 1 year, $620k
Jameson Konz $330k 3 years, $1.4 mil
Anthony McCoy $405k 3 years, $1.47 mil
Cameron Morrah $480k 2 years, 1.045 mil
Total $3.335 mil

I love the Seahawks’ tight end group.  Not only are there some pretty great talents on this list, they’re all disgustingly affordable, too. 

Offensive Linemen:

Player 2011 Salary Remainder of Contract
Stacy Andrews (G/T) $5.25 mil 4 years, $23.5 mil
Paul Fanaika (G) $480k 1 year, $480k
Breno Giacomini (T) $555k 1 year, $555k
Mike Gibson (G) $480k 1 year, $480k
Lemuel Jeanpierre (G) $330k 3 years, $1.245 mil
Sean Locklear (T) Free Agent
Paul McQuistan (G) Futures Contract
Russell Okung (T) $2.9 mil 5 years, $20.3 mil
Chester Pitts (G/T) Free Agent
Caz Piurowski (T) Futures Contract
Tyler Polumbus (T) Free Agent
William Robinson (T) $480k 1 year, $480k
Chris Spencer (C) Free Agent
Max Unger (C) $480k 2 years, $1.045 mil
Chris White (C) $640k 1 year, $640k
Ray Willis (T) Free Agent
Total $12 mil

Before you looked at this list, would you have guessed that the highest paid offensive lineman on the team was Stacy Andrews?  Andrews did not look good at right guard last season, especially in pass protection, but guard is also not his natural position.  He earned his way into a fat contract as a right tackle, and now that Locklear is a free agent he’ll likely be given a legitimate shot at earning the starting job this offseason.  It’d be nice to see Ray Willis re-signed and let the two compete for the job, along with any other tackles who emerge as legitimate pro talents in camp.

The players currently under contract for the interior line positions do not strike me as being a deep, talented bunch.  There are some unknowns on the list who could turn out to be viable starters, but I’d expect the team to add some more promising talent (especially at guard) in the draft this year.

And in case you’re wondering why I didn’t list Ben Hamilton, it’s because the team waived him off the Injured Reserve list in late December.

Defensive Linemen:

Player 2011 Salary Remainder of Contract
Jay Alford (DT) Futures Contract
Kentwan Balmer (DE) $622k 2 years, $1.3 mil
Raheem Brock (DE) Free Agent
Red Bryant (DE) $555k 1 year, $555k
Chris Clemons (DE) $2.3 mil 2 years, $5.3 mil
Colin Cole (DT) $3.75 mil 3 years, $13.15 mil
Dexter Davis (DE) $405k 3 years, $1.47 mil
Amon Gordon (DT) Free Agent
Brandon Mebane (DT) Free Agent
Barrett Moen (DT) Futures Contract
Jay Richardson (DE) Free Agent
AJ Schable (DE) Futures Contract
Craig Terrill (DT) Free Agent
Junior Siavii (DT) Free Agent
Total $7.632 mil

There are a lot of names on this list, but not a lot of signed contracts.  Mebane is the main priority on the d-line to be re-signed, and by all accounts a deal should get done with him sooner rather than later.  Brock would also be a nice player to see return, especially since it would reinforce the team’s image as a place where performance is rewarded, but he will also be 33 before the beginning of the 2011 season.  Depth behind Bryant at the strong-side DE position and Cole and Mebane at the tackle positions remains a concern, and I would expect them to address one or both of these positions in the draft.


Player 2011 Salary Remainder of Contract
Aaron Curry $10.076 mil 4 years, $29.89 mil
David Hawthorne $900k – $1.7 mil 1 year, $900k – $1.7 mil
Will Herring Free Agent
Anthony Heygood $330k 1 year, $330k
Leroy Hill Free Agent
Matt McCoy Free Agent
Joe Pawalek $330k 3 years, $1.245 mil
Lofa Tatupu $4.35 mil 5 years, $23.4 mil
Total $15.985 mil

(Aaron Curry’s base salary for 2011 is $5.076 mil, but he is also due to receive a $5 mil roster bonus.  Hawthorne’s base salary is $900k, but his contract also allows him to earn a roster bonus of $50k per game.)

By now, I think we’re all intimately familiar with how much money the team has sunk into the linebacker position.  Curry has yet to live up to his #4 overall billing, but he showed enough flashes of ability last year to keep me optimistic about his continued development headed in to the 2011 season.  Heygood was a promising talent who landed on IR last year before the season began, and I’m excited to see that he’ll get another year to earn a spot on the team.  Both Herring and McCoy are valuable contributors (Herring as a versatile backup and McCoy as a special teamer) and hopefully both will be re-signed for next season.

I have no idea how Joe Pawalek managed to sign a three year contract.  I can only assume that blackmail was involved.

Defensive Backs:

Player 2011 Salary Remainder of Contract
Jordan Babineaux (S) Free Agent
James Brindley (S) Futures Contract
Marcus Brown (CB) $330k 2 years, $745k
Brandon Browner (CB) Futures Contract
Kam Chancellor (S) $405k 3 years, $1.47 mil
Kennard Cox (CB) $555k 1 year, $555k
Kelly Jennings (CB) Free Agent
Roy Lewis (CB) $480k 1 year, $480k
Lawyer Milloy (S) Free Agent
Josh Pinkard (CB) $330k 4 years, $1.565 mil
Earl Thomas (S) $625k 4 years, $4.75 mil
Walter Thurmond III (CB) $405k 3 years, $1.47 mil
Marcus Trufant (CB) $5.9 mil 3 years, $21.2 mil
Total $9.03 mil

I don’t expect Milloy to return to the team, at least not as a starter.  Babineaux would be nice to see return and get a shot at making the team; Jennings, not so much.  There is a lot of developing, promising talent under contract here, but not a lot of veteran experience.


Player 2011 Salary Remainder of Contract
Clint Gresham (LS) $405k 2 years, $895k
Olindo Mare (K) Free Agent
Jon Ryan (P) $1.1 mil 5 years, $6.5 mil
Total $1.505 mil

Obviously, getting Mare and his reliable field goal kicking re-signed is a priority for the team.  Granted, he’ll be 38 before the start of next season, but kickers have a longer shelf life than most positions, plus Mare hasn’t shown any signs of losing distance on his field goals and kickoffs, which is the usual sign that a kicker’s career is winding down.

And just because I’d already put them together for my own benefit, here’s all the current Seahawks players grouped according to which year they’re scheduled to hit free agency:

TE Chris Baker
DE Red Bryant
TE John Carlson
CB Kennard Cox
G Paul Fanaika
RB Justin Forsett
T Breno Giacomini
G Mike Gibson
LB David Hawthorne
RB Chris Henry
LB Anthony Heygood
CB Roy Lewis
RB Marshawn Lynch
T William Robinson
WR Isaiah Stanback
C Chris White
QB Charlie Whitehurst

DE Kentwan Balmer
CB Marcus Brown
WR Deon Butler
DE Chris Clemons
LS Clint Gresham
TE Cameron Morrah
C Max Unger

S Kam Chancellor
DT Colin Cole
DE Dexter Davis
G Lemuel Jeanpierre
TE Jameson Konz
TE Anthony McCoy
WR Ben Obomanu
LB Joe Pawalek
CB Josh Pinkard
WR Golden Tate
CB Walter Thurmond III
CB Marcus Trufant
WR Mike Williams

G Stacy Andrews
LB Aaron Curry
S Earl Thomas
RB Leon Washington

T Russell Okung
P Jon Ryan
LB Lofa Tatupu

(A big thanks to Rotoworld for the contract figures.)