Seahawk Addicts on The Pulse Network

Last week, I was approached by someone over at The Pulse Network to see if I’d be interested in appearing on one of their sports shows to talk about the Seahawks.  Not a taped segment, either — we’re talking a live, on-the-air interview.  It’s been a few years since I last did any public speaking, but I said yes anyway and I’m glad I did.  Butch Stearns, the show’s host, made for an enjoyable conversation — it’s always fun to talk Seahawks football with someone who cares enough to know something about the team, and I thought he did a good job covering for my initial nervousness (sorry about that, Butch):   

Man, does my voice really sound like that?  Also, I forgot Lendale White’s name and I had no idea I started off so many sentences with “uh, well . . .” (I’ll have to work on that), but other than that I feel pretty good about the whole experience and I’d like to thank everyone at The Pulse Network for having me on.

So, any thoughts on the topics we discussed?  Criticisms?  Ridicule?  Have at it!