Roster Cuts, Injured Reserve, and Right Tackle

I’ve got a few quick bits of news for you guys today.  To start off, here’s the ten guys who were cut in the trimdown from 90 to 80 players:

DT Jay Alford

WR Chris Carter

CB Jesse Hoffman

LB Neal Howey

OT Zach Hurd

WR Brandon Smith

S Rickey Thenarse

FB/TE Ryan Travis

DT Teryl White

WR Patrick Williams

All of these guys were camp bodies and longshots, but there are a few notable names mixed in there.  Carter and Williams both generated their share of positive training camp reviews, but the wide receiving corps is highly competitive this year and neither did much to distinguish themselves in any of the preseason games.  Travis is an intriguing talent and also looked good in camp (he surprised a lot of observers with his receiving).  However, he’s a hybrid, h-back style player instead of a true tight end or fullback, and it’s possible that Bevell’s offense doesn’t have much use for that type of player.

The other really big news today is that John Carlson needs surgery to repair his labrum, so he’s out for the year.  Unfortunately for him, 2011 was the last year remaining on his contract, so he’ll be a free agent next offseason.  IR is not where a player wants to be in a contract year, but that could also mean that the Seahawks will have a chance to re-sign him at a discount rate next year, provided they want to keep him around.  After all, they’ve already got Zach Miller under contract, Anthony McCoy is looking much improved, Dominique Byrd is excelling this preseason as a receiver (no word on his blocking as of yet), and Cameron Morrah is also in the picture, although he’s still on the PUP list.

Whether or not Carlson stays in Seattle is a question that’ll have to wait for 2012.  More pressing is the situation at right tackle, where reports are coming out that first round pick James Carpenter is splitting reps with Breno Giacomini.  Carpenter hasn’t fared well this preseason, especially in pass protection, so it’ll be interesting to see how this competition shakes out.  Will being challenged for his starting job light a fire under Carpenter’s ass and get him to improve?  Giacomini bounced between being unemployed and being on the practice squad last season, and he failed to impress anyone in his previous two years with the Packers after they drafted him in the fifth round in 2008 — is he really the answer?  And if Carpenter does get replaced, what happens then?  Does he play backup and spend a year or two improving his skills, or do they try making him a guard?