Okay, Now Where Did I Put That Champagne?

(Thanks goes to SA reader AJ and the ever-alert Zee Samnani for the heads-up.  You guys rock.)

Rejoice, brothers and sisters, for Kelly Jennings has been traded to the Bengals for a guy who is not Kelly Jennings.  This is great news for all the shiny new DBs like Brandon Browner and Richard Sherman who are trying to make the roster this year.

Jennings was the Seahawks’ first round pick in ’06, and he’s been intensely frustrating to watch over the years.  He’s actually quite good at sticking with a receiver in man coverage, and in recent years he became surprisingly good at stopping running backs in their tracks, but unfortunately he has no feel for making plays on the ball.  As every Seahawks fan — and every QB in the league — knows, Jennings tends to do one of two things when defending a pass: 1) flail his arms ineffectually, or 2) fall on his face while flailing his arms ineffectually.  I don’t know about the rest of you, but I’ve seen enough of both 1 and especially 2 to last a lifetime.

I’m surprised the Bengals wanted him, since I’m pretty sure Jennings doesn’t have an arrest record (maybe Mike Brown confused him with Raheem Brock?), but I wish them the best of luck with their new, spazzy acquisition.

Oh, and the guy Seattle got in the trade is a defensive lineman by the name of Clinton McDonald.  I guess that’s important, too.  I don’t have much information on him yet, so for now I’ll leave you with his bio from the Bengals’ website:

A Bengals seventh-round draft choice in 2009, McDonald saw his first game action last season … Played in eight games following midseason signing from Cincinnati practice squad … Logged four tackles … Primary position is DT, but can also play DE.