New Comments System!!!

Hey all — good news. In addition to the Seahawks facing the Bears on Sunday, we’ve finally got our new comments system in place. It’s still in Beta form and new features are forthcoming — most importantly, incorporating your current Bloguin username/password with the LiveFyre sytem. In the meantime, here’s what you need to know about the new system:

#1 – They will need to either register with Livefyre or sign in using Facebook or Twitter for now

#2 – Integration with your Bloguin user name and password is coming

#3 – Old comments will not be lost.  They aren’t visible at the moment, but they will be imported into the new system soon.

#4 – Flickr, Twitpic, tinypic, and imgur are the supported image sources, meaning you just copy and paste the URL into the comment box and the image shows up as a thumbnail. 

#5 – For videos, YouTube and Vimeo work. Just paste the URL, and it works.

#6 – This is a beta version of the system, so there are still some bugs being worked on. 

I think this should be a good thing for the site, and I’m hoping we can get things up and cranking again. Things have been a bit crazy, but we’re hoping to get out of our little funk here… in the meantime, give the comments a whirl and tell us what you think!