More Arrivals and Departures

The big news today is that Jordan Babineaux will not be playing for Seattle this year, having signed a one year contract with the Titans.  However, the return of Big Play Babs wasn’t likely to happen anyway; according to Danny O’Neil, the Seahawks had yet to make an offer for his services.  It’s sad to see yet another player from the Holmgren glory years leave in free agency, but it’s hard to say that the move was unexpected.  Babineaux was released early last September to cancel out the remainder of his multi-year contract, then re-signed two days later to a smaller one-year contract.  That isn’t the sort of thing you do to a guy that you’re planning on keeping around for the foreseeable future.

To go along with the recent signings of K Jeff Reed, CB Kelly Jennings, and TE Zach Miller, the Seahawks signed Saints free agent DE Jimmy Wilkerson, undrafted free agent RB Chase Reynolds, 2010 practice squad member LB Michael Johnson, and claimed RB Thomas Clayton off waivers from the Patriots.  And since the team can’t add players without also subracting a few, joining K Wes Byrum in the unemployment line are DT Ladi Ajiboye, who had been getting snaps at the 3-tech position,  G Michael Huey and LB Blake Sorensen, which is the first bit of training camp news I’ve heard about either of them, and QB Zac Lee.  By my count, Lee’s release leaves just three quarterbacks on the roster — Charlie Whitehurst, Tarvaris Jackson, and Josh Portis — so I would expect the team to add another QB to their training camp roster sometime soon.

Also leaving the team is RB Chris Henry, but oddly enough he wasn’t cut by the team.  Instead, Henry’s departure appears to be his decision, which I can only assume signals the end of his football career.

I think that brings us up to date on the Seahawks’ transactions, although I wouldn’t put it past Schneider to slip in a few more moves once I hit the post button.  In closing, I leave you all with this question: What did Taylor Mays do to earn this kind of treatment?  I mean, I don’t remember him being arrested lately.  Is Jim Harbaugh enacting a no USC alumni policy?  Did he sleep with the owner’s wife?  Is his production just that disappointing?