Mebane and Moffitt Join the Fold

As first reported by John Boyle and confirmed minutes ago by Eric Williams, this afternoon John Schneider re-signed core defensive line palyer Brandon Mebane and finalized a contract with the team’s final unsigned draft pick (and projected starting right guard) John Moffitt.  No word yet on the details of Mebane’s contract, but getting him back is great news, especially considering how pessimistic most reporters and bloggers were about Seattle’s chances of outbidding Denver for his services.  Or perhaps they didn’t outbid the Broncos — maybe Mebane just finds Elway’s gummy smile as creepy as I do?  Whatever the reason, I’m happy to see him back in a Seahawks uniform.

UPDATE: ESPN is reporting that Mebane’s contract was for 5 years and $25 million (thanks goes to Zee Samnani for the heads-up).