Marcus Trufant Gets Invited to the Pay Cut Party

(As usual, thanks goes to Zee Samnani for the heads-up.)

I’ll give this to the current front office, they refuse to ignore big contracts that outstrip a player’s current production.  First it was the linebacking corps being asked to restructure, with former defensive leader Lofa Tatupu refusing (and consequently getting released) and disappointing fourth overall pick Aaron Curry agreeing (and getting to stay with the team).  Now they’ve set their sights on the six year, $50 million deal that ninth-year veteran Marcus Trufant signed back in 2008.

Trufant has agreed to cut his 2011 salary from $5.9 million down to $3 million, although he can boost his pay back up if he can meet certain performance incentives.  But what about the other two years of his contract?  Take a look at these numbers:

2011: $5.9 $3 million

2012: $7.2 million

2013: $8.8 million

If he’s only worth $3 mil this year, there’s no way the team is going to give him a $4.2 million raise next season.  Trufant’s contract might be left alone for the time being, but it hasn’t seen the last of John Schneider.