Keys to the Game: Week 17

Long time no see, readers, how’s it hanging? The Seahawks enter tonight as underdogs at home in a one-game playoff to enter the real playoffs… It’s not the best situation — we’ve never had a 7-9 playoff team before, after all, and this team isn’t exactly phenomenal — but the playoffs are important and this team is not as bad as they have looked. Remember a few weeks ago when we lost to the Saints, and we all said “Boy, if we could just play them at home, I think we’d have a shot…”
Well, we’ve got that shot if we win tonight. So, how do we do it?

  • Make the rookie uncomfortable – Sam Bradford has had a great rookie season, but the Seahawks can get pressure at home. Look for some exotic blitz packages coming from Gus Bradley, and expect the Seahawks to do everything they can to get Bradford on the ground early and often. How’s that shoulder feeling, Sammy?
  • Play Conservative but Play to Win – Regardless of which quarterback starts (I still expect it to be Hasselbeck), the Seahawks can’t kill themselves today. If we fall behind, we need to play our game and trust our defense to let us come back. If we get ahead early, we need to play our game and try to hold the ball. We don’t need to take a hundred shots downfield, but we need to take some. The Rams have a solid defensive line, so if we want to run the ball, we’ll need to open the playbook up and make them wonder what the hell we’re going to do next. 
  • Be prepared for a 75-minute game – The Rams want this game as bad as we do, and these two teams tend to play each other close even with nothing on the line, let alone the postseason. We’ve all grown weary of seeing this team compete for the first three quarters only to piss it away in the last fifteen minutes. If you want to prove you deserve the playoffs, you better play 100% for every snap. 
  • 12th Man – This is the only time in history that Sam Bradford will debut in front of the 12th Man Army. EVERY voice must be heard, EVERY stomp must shake Qwest. I don’t always believe in the 2010 Seahawks, but I will always believe in the 12th Man. If you want the 45 active men to go 100% for you today, the least you can do is go 100% for them. 67,000 strong!
And, as a consolation prize, if the Seahawks lose they will pick no later than 10th, no earlier than 7th.