Jennings Is Back and Other Updates

Apparently the Seahawks have also done some things that have nothing to do with Tatupu, although none of them are terribly interesting.

For instance, Kelly Jennings has been re-signed by the team for a one year contract.  While I’m sure no one besides Jennings is excited about his return, he’ll be useful as an indicator of how optimistic we should be about the secondary this year.  If one of the promising young CBs beats him out for the starting job, we’ll have reason to hope for a better pass defense; if he still turns out to be the best option opposite Marcus Trufant, we’re going to be in for a long season.  The early favorites to displace Jennings in the starting lineup appear to be Walter Thurmond (who’s been working with the first unit in practices), Richard Sherman, and Brandon Browner, but a few days of training camp are not enough to declare anything definitely.

The Seahawks also signed DE Ryan Sims, another big-bodied defensive lineman.  Don’t expect much from him; in nine NFL seasons he’s only racked up 8.5 total sacks, and last year he was cut by the Buccaneers cut him after six games.  I suppose it can’t hurt to have another warm body to slot into the 3rd string defensive line rotation in training camp.

And last but not least, here’s an intriguingly weird one for you guys: Jameson Konz, the freakishly athletic wide receiver in a tight end’s body the Seahawks drafted in the seventh round last year, has been taking snaps at defensive end today.  Make of that what you will.

UPDATE: TE Zach Miller is visiting the Seahawks today, according to multiple sources (thank you to everyone who emailed me about this development).  Miller has been the Raiders’ most reliable receiving threat the last few seasons, and I assume that we have Tom Cable’s presence on staff to thank for Miller’s interest in Seattle.  Adding him to the roster would provide some stiff competition for receiving tight ends John Carlson, Cameron Morrah, and Anthony McCoy.