Jake Locker Now Off the Board; Dallas takes an Offensive Tackle

You know that one friend who always orders the same burger and fries no matter what restaurant he goes to?  Well, that appears to be the Titans’ approach to quarterback selection.  Did your Vick-analogue Vince Young flame out?  No problem, just draft the guy who reminds you of him the most — in this case, Jake Locker.  That still leaves plenty of QB talent on the board for the Seahawks (Gabbert [just picked by Jacksonville], Mallett, Ponder, etc.), although with two QBs off the board in the first eight picks it’s anyone’s guess as to how many are left by pick #25.

And Dallas? I hate to break it to you, but it wasn’t your tackles who got your starting QB killed last season.  Tony Romo had better go have a titanium collarbone installed before September rolls around.