How to Register a Username

To deal with the flood of spam messages we’ve been getting since we switched back to the old comment system, we’ve had to change things so that only registered users can comment.  For those of you who want to register a new username, in the top righthand corner of Seahawk Addicts’ website you’ll see an icon depicting an old Rolodex file overlayed with a white plus sign in a blue circle.  Click on that icon and you’ll be taken to Bloguin’s user registration page.  From there, the process is pretty straightforward: type in your name (or whatever name you want to attach to the account), a username of your choice, an email address, and a password, then hit the register button.

If you get an error message saying that your email address is already in use and the “forgot username/password” button is not showing up for you, I can help with that too.  Just use the email account in question to send a message to and I will reply with the username attached to the email address you wish to use and reset your password (let me know what password you’d prefer to use if you don’t want me to choose something random for you).  The only problem with this process is that I’ll be out of town and without computer access from this afternoon until I return Sunday evening, but I will take care of all waiting emails as soon as I get in the door.