Hasselbeck or Whitehurst?

Who should the Seahawks start this Saturday against the Saints, Hasselbeck or Whitehurst? That is the golden question that everyone in Hawk nation wants answered now. Coach Pete Carroll stated earlier this week that the starter could be announced as early as today.

I believe that if the Seahawks want to win at home against the Saints that Matt Hasselbeck gets the nod. Last time these two teams met, Hasselbeck through for 366 yards and had his best stats of the year against this Saints defense. WR Mike Williams netted over 100 yards receiving as well.

When I reviewed the game on Sunday against the Rams, every time the camera viewed Hasselbeck, I could tell that he wanted to be out there on the field. He had that hunger still in him to win. After listening to all of his interviews after the game, he was happy that the team won but you could tell he wanted to be the QB that was there for the team. When Coach Pete Carroll sat Hasselbeck Sunday night and the team won a “prime time” game without Matt, for the first time in his career Matt was experiencing a Trent Dilfer moment. As you remember, Matt replaced Dilfer and has been the QB ever since. That was a different time and situation but similar outcomes.

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Charle Whitehurst played really well against the Rams. He was mobile, made no interceptions, no fumbles, and made some pretty good decisions. He also made some rookie errors which is understandable. Charlie is a lot more mobile than Hasselbeck. Some defenses, such as the Rams, have a harder time against a mobile QB. Carroll stated that he needed the QB to be mobile and there was that chance that Matt could not do that. I believe Carroll made the right choice for that game.

Matt is still the QB of the Seahawks. Carroll has not said other wise. Whitehurst has not been given that 100% confirmation that the team is his to command. Even after the game when Carroll was interviewed, he brought up that he was proud of Whitehurst but was also very proud of Matt. That statement says, hidden in my opinion, “Charlie was great and what we needed tonight, but Matt will be back because he is a better QB.” 

I have read some of the comments over the past few days and some of you are calling for Matt to be released and Charlie to be our next QB of the future. I just don’t see it. Charlie is at that spot in his career that he should be shining like Aaron Rodgers. Instead, he runs around the field to much like Seneca Wallace. Don’t get me wrong, I really like Charlie, just not as much as Matt for this Saturday. Matt gives us the best chance to win.