Guest Article: Seahawks Draft Review

On the surface this is a hard draft for Seattle Seahawks fans to get excited about. There was very little in the way of flash, no big name players, no real skill position players, and all in all a lot of players Seahawk fans have never heard of.

But does that mean this was a bad draft?

Going into the draft the biggest needs were offensive line, QB, defensive line, and corner back and I think the Seahawks were able to hit half of those needs which all in all isn’t bad for one draft. Pete Carroll and the front office say they have a QB plan in place and apparently that plan didn’t involve taking a rookie QB which overall I have to say I agree with. But we will leave that discussion for another day. Let’s take a look at the offensive line and secondary picks.

Offensive line: The Seahawks needed to add toughness (and talent) to their offensive line and they did that with their first two picks. James Carpenter and John Moffitt are both big, nasty guys and that is the type of lineman coach Tom Cable is looking for. They have the size and power to push guys off the ball, take up space in pass protection, and add some attitude to the line and I think that is just what the Seahawks need.

Did the Seahawks reach to take these guys though? Could the Seahawks have taken more highly rated players with these picks? Yeah, there is no questions about that. But these are the two guys the Seahawks wanted. James Carpenter probably wouldn’t have lasted much longer and when you get to the third round I think if the player you want is there you should take him and not worry too much if it is a “reach”.

Tom Cable said “I told John (Schneider) a week ago that, in your wildest dreams, if you could pick two guys to get in the draft, it would be these two”. So these were the two lineman the Seahawks wanted and even if they might have picked them a few picks too high I think they were the right picks for Seattle.

Secondary: In the fifth and sixth round the Seahawks were able to pick up two corners and a safety. Richard Sherman and Byron Maxwell are both over 6′ which is good to see after so many years of undersized corners. And Mark LeGree had 22 picks in college. So the Seahawks have some great potential starters for a couple years down the road.

I think the more immediate impact for these three will be on special teams but it is nice to add some size to the secondary. The problem is it will leave Seattle with a very young secondary. Marcus Trufant is the only veteran presence in the secondary so it might be a couple years before this group gels but I love the potential there.

All in all was it a perfect draft? No, of course not. I don’t think anyone would think that. But the Seahawks were able to fill two big needs and now know what kind of moves they need to make in free agency.

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