Free Agency Update for 3/16

With reports now coming in that Peyton Manning met with the 49ers, I think we can officially say that there is no possible way to predict what Manning is going to do next, much less where or how long he’s planning on doing it.  I’m starting to feel relieved that the Seahawks aren’t among the teams left twisting in the wind while he takes his sweet time making up his mind.

Brady Henderson of 710 ESPN has a pretty good summary of the Matt Flynn situation as it stands now.  Regardless of what Schneider and Carroll may have said to Flynn while he was in Seattle, it looks like he still plans on making a visit to Miami.  As I mentioned yesterday, the Dolphins’ new head coach Joe Philbin was Flynn’s offensive coordinator in Green Bay.  On paper, that should make them the favorite to sign him, but never underestimate their GM Jeff Ireland’s ability to royally foul things up.  There’s any number of ways this could still go down.  Flynn could like what he’s hearing from Seattle, but feel he owes it to his old coach to at least drop by his new digs and hear him out.  He could be on the fence right up until the point that Ireland pisses Flynn off by offering him peanuts and driving him back into the arms of the Seahawks.  It’s possible that he’s been planning on signing with Miami all along and just scheduled a visit with Seattle as leverage for a better deal.  Or maybe he’ll suddenly decide to call it quits on this whole NFL thing so he can go star in a production of Equus, thereby fulfilling his lifelong dream of tastefully flashing his junk on stage to a packed audience.  Hey, if we’re all just speculating at this point, we might as well have fun with it.

Check back for more free agency updates throughout the day as they come in.

UPDATE (5:42): Charlie Whitehurst has returned from whence he came.  He signed a two-year deal with the Chargers today, who will presumably slot him back into his old third-string QB job behind Philip Rivers and Billy Volek.  While he didn’t pan out in his two year tryout with the Seahawks, it’s hard to fault the team for trying. Whitehurst had starting potential, having spent a few seasons learning from one of the best offensive minds in the game, Norv Turner, and John Schneider didn’t overpay for his services.

UPDATE (9:55): As reported by Danny O’Neil, S Atari Bigby signed a two year deal with the Chargers today.  Bigby was a key role player for the Seahawks last year, mainly as a third safety in certain coverage packages and as one of the team’s better special teamers.  He has the talent to be a starting safety in the league but has had trouble staying healthy when given the chance, so chances are good that San Diego was the only team offering him a contract that lasted for more than one season.  Health concerns aside though, Bigby’s departure is a loss for Seattle’s secondary and coverage units.

UPDATE (11:31): If Jason La Canfora’s numbers are correct, the Seahawks still have $28.64 million in remaining cap space, good for third most in the league behind Cincinnati ($38.98 million) and Denver ($40.09 million).  Remember, that figure includes the contracts for the team’s two highest priority re-signings Red Bryant and Marshawn Lynch, so Schneider and Carroll still has some money to throw around, should the urge strike.