Following the Final Cuts

The Seahawks had to turn in their roster cuts to the league by 3:00, but not much informaiton has filtered out about who was on the list.  I’ll update this post as news filters out, and if you guys spot something before I do please share it in the comments below.  Teamwork!

Alternatively, I guess we could just wait until the team officially releases the list of cuts at 6:00, but what’s the fun in that?

To start off, Danny O’Neil reports that OT Will Robinson, S Mark LeGree, and DB Josh Pinkard have been cut.  Robinson was a fringe guy all along, but LeGree is a bit of a surprise as the team’s fifth round pick back in April.  However, the defensive back competition was particularly fierce in training camp this year, and LeGree went largely unnoticed in the limited snaps he got this preseason.  I’d guess that he’s a strong candidate for the practice squad, assuming he clears waivers.  Pinkard did relatively well in the preseason, but didn’t out play the competition.  Luckily for him, the team has already told him they want him on their practice squad.

Three down, 24 to go.

O’Neil also had some good news for three other players.  CFL all-star Brandon Browner, ex-Rams LB David Vobora, and promising young developmental QB Josh Portis have both been told they’re on the team.  Very cool.

Update (5:23): Danny Kelly over at Field Gulls is reporting that WR Patrick Williams has been cut.  No surprise there, considering that’s the second time in two weeks that he’s been cut. [I am an idiot — that post was from when Williams was waived in the first round of roster cuts.  Serves me right for not checking the date. -Ed.]

Four down, 23 to go.

Update (5:40): Kelly Jennings is still not a Seahawk.  I know that isn’t really breaking news, but it makes me happy every time I say it.  Also, Danny O’Neil just updated his previous report to say that the guy the Seahawks got in return for Jennings, DT Clinton McDonald, hasn’t received any calls from the team, which probably means he’s safe.  Probably.

Did I mention that Jennings is not a Seahawk?

Update (5:55): Just five minutes to go before the cut list is released, but O’Neil has updated once again to report that RB Thomas Clayton has been cut.  I didn’t really like him at first, but he grew on me as the preseason wore on and I’m sorry to see him go.  Still, even without him the Seahawks’ backfield is pretty well stacked.

We know four names now, but who are the other 23?

Final Update: I hate to keep drawing from the same well here, but damned if O’Neil isn’t on his game today.  

Along with OT Will Robinson, S Mark LeGree, DB Josh Pinkard, and RB Thomas Clayton, here’s who else got the axe today:

FB Dorson Boyce – Not really a surprise, since Michael Robinson was already well established at fullback, but the ex-Husky did pretty well this preseason.  Robinson did get hurt and miss some games last year, so maybe the team will keep Boyce on the practice squad as insurance.

WR Chris Carter – Again, not a surprise, since he got cut briefly just a week earlier.  He spent the preseason alternating between decent catches and bad drops.

DT Colin Cole – Wow, this one is a surprise.  Maybe that ankle injury is worse than we were led to believe?

CB Kennard Cox – Another fringe guy who did a few nice things, but not enough to distinquish himself.  Could possibly be a practice squad additon.

G Paul Fanaika – I didn’t watch Fanaika much, but when I did he seemed to be solid, but unspectacular.  Not a bad player, but not a great one, either.

DE Maurice Fountain – Fountain did some cool things in the preseason, but he’s 28 and never performed all that well outside of a stint in the AFL2.

C Mike Gibson – I’m surprised by this one as well.  Gibson looked solid as a backup center and could play either guard position.  I guess this means someone else proved they could do his job better?

DT David Howard – He was signed on Tuesday of last week and didn’t really have much time to make an impact.

LB Michael Johnson – I have to admit, I can’t for the life of me think of a single play I remember seeing Johnson being a part of this preseason.  That’s not a good sign for him. (Or maybe just a bad sign for my memory.)

DE Jameson Konz – Konz was in a weird position.  He was drafted as an offensive player, missed all of last year on IR, then was switched to defense in training camp and asked to be a pass rusher, a job he never seemed to have much of a feel for.  Maybe he lands on the practice squad, but I’m thinking that this is the end of the Konz experiment.

WR Ricardo Lockette – Lockette was a guy who earned a lot of praise from reporters and other training camp observers, but never showed up in any of the preseason games.  I don’t know if that means he’s one of those guys who only ever seems to make plays Tuesday through Friday, but it’s possible he could end up on a practice squad somewhere.

LB Mike Morgan – See Michael Johnson.  Does anyone remember anything about him?  ‘Cause I can’t.

DE AJ Schable – Schable and his Terrill-like ghostly white arms were easy to spot whenever he was in for a play.  Unfortunately for him, that just made it easier to spot how slow and ineffective he looked on every snap.  In last night’s game, he fell belly-first on top of a ball carrier after two other guys had already tackled him, then stood up and celebrated for a while.  I’m not sorry to see him go.

WR Owen Spencer – Who?  Seriously, I didn’t know he was even on the team.

RB Vai Taua – Taua was signed midway through the preseason and has already been cut once, so his release isn’t surprising.  That said, he showed some potential in the few snaps he was given, so it wouldn’t hurt my feelings to see him signed to the practice squad.

DE Pierre Allen – Technically he was waived with an injury settlement, but the end result is the same.  Well, except that instead of saying “You’re gone, hand in your playbook,” they said “Sorry you’re hurt, here’s some money — now hand in your playbook.”

Last but not least, three guys were put on PUP — WR Deon Butler, TE Cameron Morrah, and CB Roy Lewis — and three guys were placed on IR — TE John Carlson, WR Isaiah Stanback, and DE Jimmy Wilkerson.  None of the names on PUP are a surprise, nor is Carlson going to IR.  Wilkerson going to IR means that his knee injury last night was serious, and that’s a bad break for the team.  He looked like quality rotational depth for the d-line, and was nicely disruptive in every position they tried him in.  Stanback is a bit more surprising, since not much was said about his injury, but going on the Seahawks’ IR list for the second year in a row doesn’t bode well for his future with the team or his NFL career.