Fear & Loathing on Draft Night

Oh god, there goes the neighborhood.


Good evening, Addicts — we’re just nine minutes away from the first NFL draft pick of 2011, and for a change this year, the #1 pick (owned by Carolina) is not a pre-determined fact. Though it’s largely agreed upon that the Panthers will take QB Cam Newton first, they haven’t announced anything beforehand, as the case has been for the past two years (see Matthew Stafford, Sam Bradford.)

We have a ton of questions tonight, and much will happen before the Seahawks are on the clock at No. 25 overall. But without the ability to trade players going into this madness, we’re left with only the possible trade of picks. With Seattle not holding a third rounder, what sort of plan do you think John Schneider and Pete Carroll have brewing at this very moment?

Will we see a trade of picks? History shows we just might, because Schneider loves doing that, and without reckless abandon. Number 25 puts the team in a very flexible spot, and make no mistake — this coaching staff has done their homework.