Curry Restructures, Vobora Signs

I’ve got two bits of linebacker news for you all (thanks goes to Zee Samnani for the heads-up).  First off, it appears that Aaron Curry has agreed to restructure his rookie contract.  The length of the contract was dropped from six years to four, which means he’ll be a free agent following the 2012 season, and he gave up $5 million in guaranteed money.

While Curry hasn’t lived up to the expectations that came with him being the fourth overall pick in 2009, it’s hard to know exactly what this move signifies.  Making sure he becomes a free agent two years early could mean that the team is interested in getting rid of him as soon as possible, but can’t afford the cap hit that would come from cutting him.  However, it could also mean that the team hopes to finish up his current overly-large contract as soon as possible so that they can re-sign him to a deal for less money, i.e. something more in proportion to his actual impact on the field.  Either way, it looks like Curry has just one to two years left to prove to Pete Carroll that he belongs in seattle.

Meanwhile, ex-Rams starter David Vobora just signed an undisclosed contract after working out for the Seahawks on Monday.  Vobora is not likely to wow anyone with his physical ability or skillset, but he’s got starting experience (16 games in three years) and he’s a decent special teams player.  Think of him as an extra Matt McCoy — not bad as far as depth goes, but not someone you want to see on the field for every snap, either.

To make room for Vobora on the roster, the team released RB Vai Taua, which that makes me sad.  I liked him much more than Thomas Clayton against the Vikings, but really neither one was likely to make the roster anyway with Lynch, Forsett, and Washington already on the team.