Carroll on Hasselbeck: “We Want Him Back”

Danny O’Neil reports that Pete Carroll addressed the Matt Hasselbeck contract situation this morning, and when asked point blank whether the Seahawks were interested in re-signing the Bald Bomber he responded: “Yes, we want him back.” Carroll asserts that the Seahawks love what Matt has done this season (“he’s had a terrific run for us”) and that “we’re going to do everything we can to keep him.” So, that answers that question.

What it doesn’t answer, of course, is the rain cloud hanging over any discussions of the future of the franchise: The Quarterback of the Future. We know it’s not Matt. We’re pretty sure it’s not Charlie at this point, based only on age and lack of experience (and the unwillingness to give him that experience, for better or worse). Do the Seahawks intend to re-sign Matthew Hasselbeck to compete with a rookie for the starting position? Will it be out-lined in discussions with Hass that he will be expected to teach his successor? Or do they expect him to start 16 games in 2011 and 2012 for this franchise? We have seen Matt’s lower (Falcons) and upper (Saints round two) bounds this year. We have no assurance which one we’ll get this coming Sunday, or this coming season, or any given week. There are a lot of reasons for Hasselbeck’s inconsistency that have little to do with him, but he doesn’t get off scot-free, either.

Here’s hoping that a re-signing of Hasselbeck comes only with the caveat that he is not the long-term answer for this franchise. If we think we can win with adequate-to-good QB play and improved defense and running game, that’s perfect. We have played that game before with success. But if we expect dynamic quarterback play for years to come, it’s hard to continue accepting the argument that Hasselbeck is the right man for the job forever. This isn’t meant as a slight against Hasselbeck at all, but as great as last week’s performance was, let’s not forget that many have called for his head all season. Re-sign him, sure, but only at the right price and only for the right reasons.