49ers Get Prime Candidate for Vacant Head Coaching Job

With the recent firing of Mike Singletary in San Francisco, a sea of speculation has quickly followed as to who will be next to take the reins.

Respectable names such as John Gruden, Brian Billick and even Tony Dungy have been murmured during this process, but Seahawk fans will now be wildly enthusiastic about one candidate in particular getting the job.

That’s right, folks — none other than Jim Mora, Jr. has been rumored to be interviewing for the Niners’ head coaching job today. In his typical suave, candid demeanor, Mora denied the rumor, telling reporters “Not even close,” when asked about his candidacy. Mora then claimed he was merely in San Francisco “to do their game on FOX.”

It may be coincidental, of course, because Mora does work for Fox and the NFL Network, and he’s in town for the broadcast. Even still, the 49ers’ head coaching position will go vacant after today’s game, so it does beg the question: Is Mora seriously in consideration?

As a Seahawk fan, I can confidently say, “let’s hope so.”