12th Man for Madden 12

Thanks to alert SA reader Eric, it has come to my attention that the cover star for the next Madden game is being put to a vote online.  Each team has a candidate in the running– Matt Ryan for the Falcons, Adrian Peterson for the Vikings, Michael “I loves me some puppy-killing” Vick for the Eagles, and so on.

But amidst all those marquee player names, Seattle’s entry is something a little more special: The 12th Man.  That’s right, the loudest fans in the NFL are in the running for the cover of Madden 12, and all we’ve got to do is vote ourselves in.  It’s been six years since EA last put a Seahawk on the cover of their game, and by my count that’s six years too many.  Hey, it isn’t like the Madden Curse can take us all down, right?