You Got Another Trade Comin’ (maybe)

Now, call this a hunch, but in this week of quiet, John Schneider appears to be pretty active. A day after pulling the trigger and grabbing a legitimate starting RB in Marshawn “Beast Mode” Lynch, a sports marketing agent on Twitter appears to think that there is “about to be” another Seahawks trade in the next 12-24 hours. The agent is , who tweets:


[BrockHillman] Believes there is about to be another trade tonight or early tomorrow involving the Seahawks. [Tweet 1, then he responded to me…] i have other players as well…lol just a ton of trades lately I would be suprised if there is more…it’s bye week [Tweet 2…] I would prefer things to calm down and the players get comfortable and playing together [tweet 3]

Okay, so, so what? Well, Brock Hillman represents (at least) six Seahawks including Deion Branch, Colin Cole, David Hawthorne, Roy Lewis, Will Herring, and Cameron Morrah. That doesn’t necessarily mean it’s one of them. Anyway, Hillman has an interesting insight. We’ll see if anything else happens, but it’s more than just a fan saying “golly, I bet there’ll be another trade, h’yuck.”

Whats on your wish-list, Seahawks fans?

[Update]: Mr. Hillman has since deleted the tweet.