Wrotto Wreturns?

Quoth the Mike Williams: Manny Rotto back in the house! [sic]

If you ask me, that’s a pretty good thing. I’m not certain that Wrotto is fit to start against Denver, but as I just mentioned in the last post, I think starting Polumbus against the one team that intimately knows how to exploit his every weakness is dangerous. Not saying Wrotto will start, but with Gibson paining and Pitts still unable to play, it seems like a smart move.

[Update] Wrotto could also (duh) play right guard in place of the injured Max Unger. With Leroy Hill also re-joining the team, there are two cuts to make. Have to believe one will be Kennard Cox, the other will probably be an O-Lineman, potentially Evan Dietrich-Smith who I believe could be slid down onto our PS.