Will Lewis to Interview in Cleveland

Mike Holmgren has requested, and received, permission from the Seahawks brass to interview director of personnel Will Lewis. You might recall that we’ve been advocating for Lewis as a GM candidate ourselves. It’s hard to say whether Holmgren is going to seriously consider Lewis for GM or if he is just trying to get the Rooney Rule requirements fulfilled while also elevating his long-time friend into the national picture by being interviewed by Mike Friggin’ Holmgren.

Still, Lewis has an eye for talent and appears good at taking direction from his bosses. He has had a major hand in all drafts that the Seahawks have had since at least 2000, which includes serving under three GMs (four if you count Webster, which I don’t). The Seahawks will likely interview Lewis too, again, for Rooney Rule reasons and perhaps as a very, very long-shot candidate. (Hat tip to Tom for the pointer.)