Whitehurst to Start Sunday?

It may sound a little frightening, but fans calling for Matt Hasselbeck’s head over the past several weeks may just get their wish on Sunday.

Due to a concussion suffered against the Raiders last weekend, Charlie Whitehurst may get the start against the visiting New York Giants. Pete Carroll is still fairly optimistic about Matt getting the start, but since he sat out yesterday’s practice, Whitehurst saw all first-team snaps and is being told to prepare himself accordingly. The Giants have been vicious on defense all year, knocking five quarterbacks out of games so far.

“Charlie’s dead serious about making sure he’s doing everything right,” Carroll said. “Watch him in the walk-through, you know, controlling the tempo and all those kinds of things that the guy playing the game has to do. They’re tuned into it. We’re telling Charlie, ‘Get ready. You’re starting the game.’ That’s how you approach this game.”
It’s a scary thought, but Whitehurst has had more time to stare at a clipboard than Jim Sorgi, so his test has to come eventually. And much like Colt McCoy’s debut against the Steelers a few weeks back, Whitehurst’s first NFL start would be a trial by fire.
The other underlying concern about this is the beleaguered offensive line. Both Russell Okung and Tyler Polumbus sat out practice Wednesday, so as much as it pains me to say this, we’re looking at a similar situation to 2009 on the left tackle spot now. Chester Pitts, who saw his first NFL action in over a year last week against the Raiders, will start at left tackle if Okung and Polumbus can’t go. Pitts didn’t look too shabby last weekend, other than missing a key block through the middle that led to a sack, and his veteran experience will be good insurance for this hurting line.
It’s a good thing the team chose to re-sign Pitts after briefly releasing him last month. Having Sean Locklear work at left tackle is brutal punishment for any NFL quarterback.