Weird Football Year!

I love how one game can change the media band wagon. Remember at the beginning of the season when the Cardinals were picked to win the division again? Warner retired shortly after and so the next media pick was the 49ers. That is all we heard about as the 12th man. After the Hawks kicked the crap out the 49ers in week one, the Hawks were picked to win the division. The Hawks lost yesterday to the Rams and now the media is in love with the Rams. Will it ever change? Probably not!

Even though the Seahawks lost yesterday to the Rams, there is always hope. The first quarter of the season is over and we are 2-2. There are still three more quarters to go. The Rams have lost to the Seahawks for 5 straight years. 10 games in a row. The streak was bound to end sometime. You and I unfortunately just saw the streak end yesterday. Will the streak start back up again? I can only hope so.

If you look around the league at team records, the Chiefs are 3-0, the Colts are 2-2, the Rams are 2-2, the Patriots could go 2-2 tonight, and the Jets are 3-1. I could go on all day with stats and records, but the bottom line is that the NFL has changed this year. Teams that were once bad are decent or even better and the teams that were dominant are not so dominant anymore.

Let’s all take a deep breath, sit back, enjoy the bye-week, and trust that Coach Carroll and crew will fix the issues that the team is suffering from. It may take the rest of the season, it may take one week, or it may take two years.

The only thing I know is that I have been a Seahawk fan all my life. Whoever is with the team, I will still love me some Seahawks!!! Go HAWKS!!!!!!