Schneider Continued (sorry)

[Hey guys, Parker and I double posted. I can’t get into his to edit and add my stuff because he apparently fell asleep in the midst of editing it or something. Here is the additional info:]

USC’s special teams were okay last year, not legendary or anything, but prior to that he had spent a few years as the STs coach in Oakland. Under him, Shane “Best Punter Alive” Lechler was a perennial pro-bowler and earned himself the highest salary in punting history — and deserved it.

Beyond that, special teams coverage was always pretty good — DeHaven’s biggest weakness the last two years — and they didn’t go a year without a special teams touchdown or three.

It’s not a big signing, it’s not a dramatic signing, but you know, it’s probably an incremental improvement over DeHaven. Changes, good and bad, hapepn at the margins, and this is a that kind of move to a tee. Welcome to Seattle, Mr. Schneider!