Tyler Polumbus likely to Start

Buddy Cop show pending (Photo by Doug Pensinger/Getty Images)

With Russell Okung still on the mend and Chester Pitts coming off Microfracture Surgery, recent acquisition Tyler “Troy” Polumbus will most likely be your starting left tackle come Sunday afternoon. That probably doesn’t make you feel very good and, rest assured, you’re not alone. Jeremy Bates did confirm that the team is preparing as though Polumbus will start on Sunday, and while Bates doesn’t exactly seem thrilled in the interview, he doesn’t seem terrified of the prospect either. Here’s Bates on the young buck:

He’s got great length. He’s got good size. He’s good for the zone offense. Good left tackle. He can play right tackle and likes the game of football.

About that great length — that might be an understatement. Polumbus is 6’8″ and 310 lbs. Polumbus has earned his supporters in the past though — at the University of Colorado, the coach made the somewhat unpopular choice to start Tyler and provide blindside protection to his most valuable asset… yes, it was the team’s quarterback, but it was also the coach’s son. Yowza!

The more important thing to remember is that Bates is a smart guy and he should be able to hide Polumbus for a week or two. There are ways to scheme around an inferior tackle for four quarters, but of course it does start hurting after awhile. Manny Wrotto looked good against the Vikes’ starters — which was more impressive before tonight’s game — but that was pretty vanilla. We’ll see how things go. Patrick Willis will be a handful, but if the defense can do it’s job on Sunday, the offense might get out of this mess with a low scoring affair and a victory.