Tuesday Reading

There’s a ton of good reading out there this morning following another Seahawks win, so here’s to sharing the wealth:


  • The buzz is rapidly building for Mike Williams making a true run at the Comeback Player of the Year award. We all know his maligned history by now, but after two big games, his story is becoming even more admirable. Only four players have ever racked up 500 yards receiving in the their first season back in the NFL after multiple seasons of absence. Williams could easily be the fifth.
  • Pete Carroll says LT Russell Okung’s ankle sprain is indeed another high ankle sprain, but not to the original ankle he injured in the preseason. The team is taking a wait-and-see approach before determining his status for Week 8 against Oakland. Also, per that same source, Brandon Mebane and Kelly Jennings could likely return to practice on Thursday. Having Mebane back would be a huge boost to stopping Darren McFadden.
  • When analyst Tony Dungy called the Seahawks the best team in the NFC, he was nearly laughed off the set of his NBC show by co-hosts Rodney Harrison and Dan Patrick. “Are you kidding me?” Harrison added. “You must have got hit upside the head with a couple of bibles or something.”
  • Danny O’Neil cites three things we learned from Sunday’s win over Arizona. One of these things is a fact we all learned very quickly after watching Russell Okung manhandle Julius Peppers — the Seattle run game is a force with Okung there. O’Neil: With Okung in the game, Seattle gained 55 yards on six carries. After he left, the Seahawks gained 91 yards on 30 carries.
  • O’Neil also says Hasselbeck is avoiding enough mistakes in recent games to be effective in Pete Carroll’s offense. “Hasselbeck (is) functioning more like a bus driver who’s expected to keep the whole operation from veering into a ditch as opposed to the Formula One driver who must hug every curve.” Love that metaphor.

Tuesday Reading

I put together some links for everyone if you are bored and want to catch up on some Seahawks’ news. Enjoy!

Danny O’Neil with the Seattle Times has his take on who will probably make the 53 man roster here.

Eric Williams with the Tacoma News Tribune has his take on the 53 man roster here.

WR Mike Hass has been released again to make room for the signing of Brandon Jones.

Greg Johns of the Seattle PI has a great article on the Packers/Seahawks game here.

John Morgan of FieldGulls.com has a must read article about the last Seahawks game here.

Tuesday Reading

by: Mike Parker

Now that we’re all overloaded with post-draft breakdowns and discussion, here are a couple of other bits of news and speculation from well-known voices on all things Seahawks:

-Danny O’Neil talks about Aaron Curry’s introduction at yesterday’s Renton press conference here. O’Neil said Curry’s reputation as a stand-up guy and a potential locker room leader were in top form, and at least one person in the background couldn’t stop yelling “Nice suit!” A good start, I think.

-Mike Sando weighs in on the Leroy Hill situation, recalling his own words he wrote when Hill voluntarily skipped the team’s recent optional mini-camps:

I’m not sure what Hill is accomplishing by staying away. Imagine if the Seahawks drafted Aaron Curry in the first round and then withdrew the franchise tag.

And indeed, the words are prophetic. Hill now faces a tough situation, as teams are securing their lineups and halting any pursuit of more free agents. If he’s not happy in Seattle, he soon might himself stuck here, which won’t be a good scenario for anyone involved. Hill isn’t likely to turn into a primadonna, but some would’ve said the same about Jay Cutler not even six months ago…

-And finally, in a bit of sad-but-no-less-expected news, former Hawks punter Ryan “Fudge” Plackemeier was waived by the Cincinnati Bengals today. The really sad part is Fudge was acquired off waivers from the Redskins Feb. 13, and didn’t even play in a single game for Cincinnati. Will the Raiders be next to sign him?