Training Camp 2010: Weaknesses

Ladies and gentlemen, you can almost smell training camp… We talked strengths yesterday, time for the position groups that have gotten weaker this offseason.

  1. Defensive Ends – Well, uh, if you aren’t aware that this is a weakness you’ve had your head in a cave since late 2007. Still, the D-Line was arguably the worst unit on the Seahawks last year (maybe a hair better than offensive line), and that starts with the ends. How did the Seahawks improve? They traded away their best lineman in Darryl Tapp and watched former standout Patrick Kerney retire. Lawrence Jackson, a former first round pick, has apparently been demoted (via mini-camps, we’ll see if it sticks) in favor of Red “The Behemoth” Bryant who has never played DE in his professional or college career. The Elephant position is just a huge unknown at this point, and we can’t really rely on Chris Clemons to be “the answer,” can we?
  2. Running Back – Did the Seahawks get worse here? I don’t know that the answer is clearly “yes,” but then, it’s also clearly a huge question mark and cause for concern. Julius Jones is a below average back (or, has been thus far). Justin Forsett could be something special but the concerns about his size and durability are legitimate. Leon Washington could be fun to watch and good for a spark in the run game and special teams, but he is recovering from a serious leg injury. Lendale White should have helped, could have helped, would have helped but… he wasn’t willing to fall in line and he was cut. Quinton Ganther is an unknown, he’s big and strong but not much of a threat really, though he could make the team as a fullback. Not an exciting group and looks to, again, be one of the least talented RB corps in the NFL. We’ll see what Gibbs can do, though.
  3. Defensive Tackle – I love Mebane and you know that. Still, that only gets you so far, and honestly he needs to bring up the rest of the line rather than rely on them to allow him to be affective. Colin Cole was okay last year, and Kevin Vickerson is getting some good press, but this is a huge question mark, especially if the DE spot remains questionable.
Wide receivers remain in the middle for me. Not a strength, not a weakness. A lot of question marks, but a lot of known quantities too.