Thurmond Likely to Start

The reason the Seahawks felt comfortable dealing CB Josh Wilson to the Ravens right before the season started is that Walter Thurmond (and Kelly Jennings) were coming along much better than they could have reasonably hoped for. With Jennings sidelined with a hamstring injury that he suffered in the second quarter of the Bears game, it looks like the fourth-round pick out of Oregon is due to get his first start this Sunday.

Thurmond’s first test was really last week, and he performed about as well as could be expected, maybe a little better. Nothing spectacular, but nothing terrible. This week, the test will be a bit more intimidating as he will be lining up opposite WR Larry Fitzgerald, arguably the best offensive player in the NFC and almost certainly the NFC West. Fitzgerald will have rookie QB Max Hall throwing him the ball though, so that might take some of the edge off, but regardless, this is as big a test for Thurmond as Julius Peppers was last week for Okung.

Here was our initial write-up on Walter Thurmond for some scouting reports. Basically: he’s a playmaker with good length and ball skills, but doesn’t always use his skill set to its full potential.