Three Questions…

Ben Malcolmson over at the new and improved Seahawks official blog has been asking three questions from each of the separate position coaches. Check out the whole series here. Here are some highlights, but really, check them all out:

RB Coach Sherman Smith was asked: What do you like about Justin Forsett?

First of all, I really like the way he works. He comes with a professional attitude and then goes out on the field and his intangibles — besides the physical and mental skills he has—really help him. He has great quickness, great acceleration and has a great feel for the run game. He’s an accomplished receiver coming out of the backfield too.

WR Coach Kippy BrownWhat have you seen from Mike Williams in his two minicamps?

Having coached Mike before, I know what Mike is capable of. Mike can be as good as he wants to be. He just has to stay consistent. He looks in as good a shape as I’ve ever seen him. He’s practicing very, very hard and giving great effort. If he’ll continue to do that, he’ll continue to get better. But so far, so good.

OC Jeremy Bates fielded questions in lieu of Alex Gibbs: The additions of Okung and Hamilton have sort of overshadowed the right side of the line. Can you talk about what you’ve been seeing there this spring?

The right side has been looking great. Max [Unger] has been looking strong and is doing everything we heard he could do. He’s really into the game and loves football and wants to max out. Every day, he’s very consistent. And Sean [Locklear] is back to his natural position at right tackle, which he has played extremely well in the past. He looks natural there. Watching him is great to see because he looks so strong. And then Chris Spencer at center is the captain of the line. He’s working hard, has all the calls down and he’s going to be running this line and leading them to exciting levels this season.

LB Coach Ken Norton Jr… There seems to be a corps of strong back-ups at the linebacker position. Which guys stand out to you the most?

Will Herring is extremely good. He could start on any other team in the NFL, it just so happens that he’s on a very competitive squad. He’s very versatile, which makes his value very high because he can play all three linebacking positions, on third downs and on special teams. […] David Hawthorne stepped in last year when Lofa was hurt. He’s extremely explosive, a big-play guy and a very good tackler. He’s the type of guy that you can’t hold back. You need him on the field. I don’t even consider him a backup. He’s a starter until someone unseats him.

Finally, DB Coach Jerry GrayWhat have you been most impressed with concerning rookie safeties Earl Thomas and Kam Chancellor?

One thing that impressed me the most is that you put them out there with the first group and they’re not afraid one bit. Most young guys kind of shy away, but Earl went right out and did what he’s supposed to do. Of course he’s going to make mental mistakes, but he played well. And Kam came out and had a couple of forced fumbles in the first minicamp. You can see that those guys are not shy. One plus is you can see where those guys were brought up — Kam played for a great defensive coach at Virginia Tech and Earl came from a great system at Texas. Now they have to understand how to do it a lot faster.