Three Players Seattle Needs to Cut

I don’t mean to be horribly negative, especially because there are a lot of things to be happy about tonight (I’ll get to those later, promise), but I can’t help but notice a few glaring ugly spots that this team just needs to drop like a bad habit. So, as I’m watching the second half of tonight’s game against the Packers, these are three players Pete Carroll and John Schneider should cut ties with for the betterment of this team.

  • Julius Jones. How has he lasted on this roster for so long? Jones, for a change, did not start tonight’s game, and when he did finally take the field, we all saw why. He continuously got stuffed at the line of scrimmage, barely going over positive yardage until (ironically, what I just saw as I’m typing this) a good run up the sideline from a Charlie Whitehurst screen pass on third and 6. It set up the Ben Obomanu touchdown, sure, but this is against Packers fighting for a roster spot. He can’t do that well against starters. And if this is going to be a running back-by-committee approach, he’s definitely the odd man out.
  • Kelly Jennings. With the newfound depth at cornerback, (Roy Lewis, anyone?) Jennings was invisible against Greg Jennings and Jermichael Finley. Granted, those two players are two of the best at their positions in the league, but this has been happening for far too long. Jennings not only got consistently beat in coverage tonight, but was outplayed by Roy Lewis and Marcus Trufant. It’s time to cut him loose so he can either reunite with Tim Ruskell in Chicago or have a promising future with the Detroit Former Seahawk Lions.
  • Sean Locklear. This won’t happen, in all likelihood, but I’m sick of seeing bonehead penalties (an illegal hands to the face call tonight comes to mind first) from this lineman who continues to regress. Forget Vincent Jackson; the San Diego Charger that Seattle needs to be going after is Marcus McNeil. I’d be somewhat shocked if that conversation hasn’t yet happened in someone’s office at VMAC.

But really, I’m encouraged by what I’ve seen so far tonight from the Seahawks. Hasselbeck turned in a quality performance (11/15, 127 yards, TD, 120.7 rating), Leon Washington showed signs of what could be an explosive return to form, and the defense was able to at least pressure Aaron Rodgers. More to come on tonight soon, including news on Okung’s ankle when we hear it.