Tate Named Punt Returner

Golden Tate finally took the field on Sunday. And after just one play, he made his presence known.

The rookie wide receiver returned a punt against the Broncos for 63 yards, and later followed that with a 52-yard catch. Obviously, neither play tipped the scales in the Seahawks’ favor, as they left Denver with a 31-14 loss, but the injection of Tate gives Seattle’s offense a dynamic new weapon.

“He showed up as a punt returner and also as a wide receiver,” Hasselbeck said. “So it’s been my experience when you show up in practice you get plays in games. And when you show up in the game, you continue to get more plays in the game.

“He didn’t have that many plays, but even the short go route that we threw to him on the left hand side, that was just sort of a ‘Hey, he just made a play. Let’s see if he can make another one.’ And that’s kind of what happens.

So, expect to see Tate in plenty of action this weekend against San Diego. It seems his grasp of the offense has increased, even if it came as something of a result of WR Mike Williams being slowed by a thigh injury. Hopefully BMW will be back to 100 percent in time for Sunday, but nothing I’ve read seems to indicate any cause for concern.
In brief other news, Ben Hamilton has overtaken Mike Gibson at left guard. Expect to see this rotation continue until Russell Okung comes back from injury, but this unit has held up surprisingly well over two games, all things considered. Okung has been ruled out for Week 3, and I don’t expect to see him on the field until after the bye week. In the meantime, Jeremy Bates gets my game ball so far this season for whatever voodoo he’s using to make Tyler Polumbus look respectable.