Sources: Pete Carroll to Seattle

We already knew it, but its basically a done deal. Pete Carroll will be the next Head Coach — and President — of the Seattle Seahawks. Think of it as an Andy Reid role, with GM (most likely) Pat Kirwan coming on board to handle the ins and outs and probably head up the scouting department or something like that. The LA Daily News (Hat Tip to Eric Y.) has sources saying that Carroll is in fact coming:

Pete Carroll did not officially inform USC he was leaving as of Friday afternoon but sources within the university said he accepted a job with the Seattle Seahawks and only needed to agree to final contract details. USC sources said Carroll agreed to a five-year deal with the Seahawks with the only question how much power he would have in the organization. The Seahawks lack a coach and general manager and Carroll’s often expressed a hope to do both when he returned to the NFL.

I have been largely depressed all day because of this. Time to pull my head outta my rear and take a clear look at this though: Pete Carroll was not successful in the NFL before as a head coach. He was a successful coordinator. He did go to USC and absolutely dominate a major conference for seven years. He has a clear eye for talent and knows how to get the most out of his college players. It’s possible he has learned more in the last nine years about how to work with “grown ass men” too. Here’s hoping.

I welcome Pete Carroll to Seattle. I trust Paul Allen. I trust Tod Leiweke (though less so than I did this time last year). I feel bad for Jim Mora, but I have been calling for his head for awhile. He was not going to succeed in Seattle, he was not able to fill Holmgren’s shoes, and though he only had one year as Head Coach he did have three on the squad and, as many pointed out last year, his second year in the secondary was abysmal.

So welcome to Seattle, Pete. I believe that you can turn this team around in the same way you turned USC around. This is not the 1994 Jets (who went 6-10 under Carroll; the two prior years they were 4-12 and 8-8, the following years they were 3-13 and 1-15… that was not a talented team). This is not the Patriots either, a good team that he inherited and was unable to sustain. This is the Seattle Seahawks of 2010. This is a blank slate, and it needs to be. We trusted Tim Ruskell, and here we are. We trusted Jim Mora, and here we are. If we can’t find a way to trust Pete Carroll, where will we be?

So based on nothing but hope, nothing but trust in Mr. Allen, nothing but the belief that my team can get it right because they have before, I trust Pete Carroll to turn this team around!