Seattle A Tough Place To Be A Former Hero

I’ve read a lot of comments directed at Matt Hasselbeck and how he’s done for and should be ushered out of Seattle football forever and so forth. Some of the comments got pretty rude calling Matt a clown, a washed up piece of crap, a has been who never was, and on and on. It makes me ashamed to be a Seahawk’s fan that we could treat a former hero and probably the best quarterback Seattle has ever had so badly.

Yes, Hasselbeck is nearing the end of his career, in fact, it may well be time for him to be replaced but does that entitle fans to turn on him like rabid dogs and start calling him names and showing disrespect to an athlete who spent almost his entire career here in Seattle trying his best to bring us a championship. Matt has played through pain and has shown guts several times rushing for a first down or a score and refusing to slide even if it cost him a shot in the ribs or a wrenched back or whatever. Then when his skills diminish, do we pat him on the back and say thanks for all you did for us? No, we call him a clown and say we want him thrown off the team. What a class act.

What is it with Seattle sports fans? The same thing happened when Alexander hurt his foot and never recovered partially because he had reached that magical age of 30 when running backs typically hit the wall. His name was vilified and people couldn’t wait to heap on the insults and expound on how bad he really was as a running back and gleefully rode him out of town. So much for arguably the best running back the Seahawks ever had. Without Hasselbeck and Alexander, the Seahawks would never have made it to the Super Bowl in 2005. No one was hurling insults then. Alexander and Hasselbeck were the sports icons of Seattle and everyone loved them. Read more…….

For past heros like Curt Warner and Kenny Easley, it was a blessing they suffered injuries ending their careers while still in their prime that kept them from suffereing the fate of other players who played through their prime years and into the twilight of their careers in Seattle and then were booed and set upon by fans with tiny memory capacities. Seattle seems to be filled with “what have you done for me lately” type of fans who can blow off a distinguished career spanning a decade and sum it up with what the player did in the last few games forgetting all the years he was a great player for the team.

Does anyone here really believe it’s up to Matt when he steps down from being the starter? It’s Pete Carroll who’s calling the shots here and he believes that Matt still is their best option. Do you guys think it’s time to start in on Carroll and start calling him names and making innuendos about how he can’t manage a game and maybe give Bates some crap about his game plan? I can’t wait to read what all the guys who are calling for Whitehurst to start write after he comes in and has a bad game or two. Then who’s head do you start calling for?

Seattle wasn’t even supposed to be in the race for the NFC West title this year yet we’re tied for 1st place with a quarter of the season gone. Everyone expected some growing pains with so many new players on the team and new schemes on both sides of the ball. Well, the game at Denver and then at St. Louis were two of those bumps in the road we figured would happen. It’s not anything to go off the deep end about like many have in trying to put the blame solely on Hasselbeck. There are many factors from both the Bronco’s game and the Ram’s game that could have allowed Seattle to come away with victories besides the quarterback play.

Bottom line here? I can’t imagine any of you treating your parents the way you treat the players on your favorite football team when they grow old and can’t function as well as they used to. How many of you call your dad a clown as he sits in his wheelchair because he can’t even walk anymore? I think Hasselbeck has at the very least earned some respect for what he’s accomplished over his career in Seattle and now deserves more than name calling and being made the scapegoat for an effort where many Seattle players fell short of having a good game. I also think the proper way to articulate a desire for a quarterback change is to say “Pete Carroll should consider playing Charlie Whitehurst because of Matt’s declining skills” instead of “Matt needs to step down and get off this team” like he’s the one who decides who plays and who doesn’t. Like every other NFL player, if the coach says you’re playing, you play and if there’s a change to be made, the coach makes it. Direct your comments to the person in charge please. If you’re unhappy that Matt is still starting, don’t call him names. No NFL player is going to voluntarily decline a starting position or remove himself from the team and a job. Maybe you’re confused over who’s the head coach and what he does and who’s the quarterback and what his responsibilities are.

It’s ok to note that Hasselbecks numbers are down or that his skills are in decline or that maybe he’d be a better quarterbacks coach than he is a quarterback right now. In my book, it’s not ok to call him names and make insuinations about his career based on recent performances. It’s not ok to disrespect a player who has made many sacrifices over the years to bring Seattle a championship. Some of you guys should be ashamed of yourselves.