Seahawks vs Chargers – Open Thread

This is a big game, especially after the 49ers got their butts absolutely handed to them on a platter. I would almost be surprised at this point if there isn’t some level of coaching change in San Fran this week (Jimmy Raye?). If we win this game, we stand quite a bit ahead of the rest of the NFC West. If we lose, well, lets not lose! I’ll update this thread from time to time, but don’t forget to check Twitter for minute-to-minute commentary.

First Quarter Wrap-up: Well, Mike Williams is injured and his return is questionable. That’s non-ideal. However, Shawn Merriman is also out and now it appears the Chargers’ Left Guard is also out. Matt has been poor, missing routinely on easy throws. The most important fact, though, is that the Seahawks a) have shown commitment to Justin Forsett thus far, and b) have Survived the First Quarter! 0-0 tie at the end of the first is a victory in my book. Not as big a victory as 21-0 Seahawks lead, but we’ll take it.

Second Quarter Wrap-up: A sloppy second quarter, but the defense kept us in it and John Carlson came down with a clutch touchdown and the Seahawks lead 10-0, despite pissing on a fair number of other opportunities. Red Bryant is a ball-hog, Mike Williams is a beast, and Hasselbeck has no memory (which is good). Amazing how many points we left on the board there, and awful clock management at the end. Still, the Hawks will start the second half with the ball, and can go some distance towards putting this game nearly out of reach for the Chargers…

Third Quarter Wrap-up: Hum. Well, it could have been worse, but it also could have and should have been much better. Leon Washington sparked it off with a huge touchdown to start the half, but the offense has absolutely dropped the ball, as they’ve done repeatedly during the game (er, not literally though, thankfully). We enter the fourth quarter with a narrow lead, but the Chargers were clearly the better team in the third quarter. Our hopes are resting on the shoulders of Matt Hasselbeck, Justin Forsett, and perhaps more than anyone else, John Carlson.

Fourth Quarter Wrap-up: OMG. We have a good team with a terrible offense. Holy crap. I love playmakers.