Seahawks vs Bears – Open thread!

Most exciting or frustrating game of the season forthcoming? I’ll be updating quarterly or as newsie things happen.

First Quarter Wrap-up: The Seahawks were scored on very early and it looked bad… a 58 yard PI  penalty by Roy Lewis put us in a terrible spot and we ceded a touchdown to Matt Forte within the first couple of minutes. Then, holy moly, the Seahawks drove down the field and scored a touchdown! The first points in the first quarter for the team. After the early embarrassment, the defense has looked very good. Two big hits on Cutler including a sack by Roy Lewis. Love it.

The bad news is: Kelly Jennings is out for the rest of the game. Though, to be fair, I barely remember who Kelly Jennings is until we give up a long pass TD, so I guess that’s not the worst injury we could suffer.

Second Quarter Wrap-up: While it’s not a Seahawks blow-out at this point, the team has looked good on both sides of the ball. We’re getting destroyed on yards after the catch, but the turnover opportunities are there and if we can get one or two interceptions, the deep centerfielder is going to pay dividends. Both Thurmond and Trufant got embarrassed. The biggest thing is: the Seahawks came to play. They are going toe-to-toe (and actually leading) with a 4-1 team on the road at 10 am. A victory today would be huge, but not laying an egg is kinda nice too.

Players of the half: Mike Williams and Marshawn Lynch. Incredible how much the threat of Marshawn Lynch has opened up the rest of the offense!