Seahawks Versus The Forty Niners

It will be interesting to see how much the Seahawks will be adding to their playbooks for regular season games over the plain vanilla of pre-season when the Seahawks take on their division rivals Sunday at Qwest Field. The Forty Niners are favored to win Seattle’s home opener despite the 12th man and the fact Qwest Field is one of the most difficult stadiums in the league for the opposing team to have a good game. The Seahawks are a 3 point underdog in their own stadium and since homefield is worth 7 points, that means the line is actually saying the 49er’s are 10 points better on a neutral field. 

Maybe an accurate assessment but is it based on what they think they know as opposed to what reality actually is? As usual, I’ve got a different take on it. 

I’ve always been a glass half full kind of fan and I always give my team the benefit of the doubt especially when it’s all new and unknown and they haven’t fallen on their collective faces yet. I felt the same way last season and that didn’t work out very well as I’m sure you all noticed. I started out by thinking Jim Mora was the most charismatic head coach I’d ever seen after his first presser and that he would lead these players to “punish” their opponents over the course of the season. Of course it was the Seahawks who ultimately got punished along with their fans and their head coach and his buddies ended up paying the bill. After all, Mora promised and I was sure he was sincere and all but by the end of the season, it made my skin crawl to hear him during another post game interview throwing whoever was handy under the bus to justify another game where the team basically quit on him. We all remember how ugly that was and how bad it felt to root for a team who weren’t even trying hard to win.  Read more…… to continue article. 

The team has a much different feel this season.

Welll, here we go again Addicts, new season and yet it’s deju vu. New coach, new staff, new schemes, and of course a ton of new players just like last year except for the massive player turnover. Once again, I’m riding right in the front of the bandwagon sipping the Kool Aid and thinking that the new coach is a charismatic, player oriented coach who will be able to get the most out of his players and that his new mantra of “competition” will be the deciding factor as we throw a monkey wrench into the Forty Niner’s plans to dominate the division this year. Right now, in the first week right out of the chute, we take a big step in our ambition to see Seattle back in the leadership of the NFC West. Hold that thought.

How could we actually surprise the Forty Niners?

Actually, the Forty Niners are going to be somewhat surprised as are we all. No one has seen the Seahawks game plan in preparation for a regular season game yet and who knows what to expect? Will it be conservative, high risk – big reward, short game, stretch the field, establishing the run first, or Matt comes out firing on all cylinders. San Francisco gets to be the team who comes in cold against Carroll and Bates. There is speculation that Pete and Jeremy have been holding a lot back like what they’re going to do with Curry outside of normal linebacker duties and what kind of role Carlson is going to play in the receiving game. They didn’t blitz in pre-season or show much in the way of razzle dazzle. Receivers ran simple routes. Defensive backs played man to man with plain vanilla coverages. If they’ve been working on stuff that they haven’t even hinted at during the preseason, they could throw SF a big curve Sunday. Frisco doesn’t have any game film on the Pete Carroll led Seahawks except from this pre-season and if Carroll’s the smart guy I think he is, he would have put Curry’s rushing package, Carlson’s receiving package, the more complex zone defenses, the blitz package, and the multiple receiver routes designed to draw opponents away from the go to receiver in on the sly and then unveil it out of thin air on Sunday. Let the 49er’s show their prowess by figuring it out on the job as the game progresses.

On the other hand, Pete Carroll and staff should have pretty accurate film on SF from last season and probably have a pretty good idea what they’re going to see coming at them Sunday.

This will be the first game that the Seahawks have game planned for in earnest. I’ve been impressed with the adjustments the Seahawks coaching staff made during pre-season games. It’ll be great to see what they come up with for a game plan against a known team and then observe how they modify it as the game progresses to make it more effective. That’s what’s on the scoreboard for our coaching staff and one of the barometers of how well the coaching staff is “playing”. I think competition should be on the coaches too.

San Francisco has their franchise in a more stable environment than Seattle does right now and have a program that’s been building and showing steady improvement for a couple of years while Seattle’s has deteriorated. Most analysts think they will win the West. It’s hard to argue with that analysis given how they’ve grown since Singletary took over and how the Seahawks have fared. This is a big game for them too as they want to dominate any and all NFC West opponents early and often to take a commanding lead in the division. Seattle beat them last year unexpectedly and they want revenge big time for that humiliation too so it’s not going to be an easy game for the Seahawks.

If Pete Carroll and Jeremy bates have implemented a different look from pre-season with some of our best players taking on new roles and executing plays that were never telegraphed dudring pre-season, they might be able to confuse the Forty Niners and put up some points on them before they get a handle on what we’re doing to them. I think there’s a good possibility of that taking place to some degree. Pete has let a few things slip here and there that indicate that they’ve been working on the San Francisco home opener for quite some time now and consider it to be a pivotal game even though it’s just the first game of the long season. For the Seahawks, it’s the chance to be in the NFC West race right from the first of the season….. or not.

I have a feeling that our coaching staff has some big nasty surprises for San Francisco and it just might be possible for us to score some points while Singletary is figuring out Bate’s offense. Then, our defense needs to hang on against the 49’ers ensuing ariel attack to preserve a victory and give the Seahawks a big upset win to start Pete Carroll’s reign of office in Seattle.

I know some of you have differing opinions as to how Sunday is likely to play out and I welcome your points of view. You all know I’m an optimist at heart and for sure I’m going to be looking for a win on Sunday as I refuse to admit defeat until I see it happen for myself. Right now, the  Seahawks are tied for first place within the entire league at 0 – 0. You could also say they’re tied for last place but it’s not in my makeup to be so pessimistic. So, what do you think Addicts? Does Pete have a chance with the Seahawks on Sunday? Is it the uncertainty of what Seattle will present on the field that gives them a chance or are they actually under-rated or perhaps are the Forty Niners over-rated? Do you think the Seahawks are going to get crushed? Will Matt get hurt as our offensive line is unable to handle San Francisco’s pass rush? Will we unleash some things we never saw in pre-season? Give it your best shot Addicts.