Seahawks Showing Interest in Just-Waived Randy Moss

Per this tweet from NFL beat writer Judd Zulgad (who gets my nod for most-awesome-name award), the Seahawks are one of two teams showing immediate interest in Randy Moss, who was just waived hours ago by the Minnesota Vikings.

Now, let’s not get too excited here. Beyond the Seahawks, every imaginable NFL team is probably “expressing interest” in Moss at the moment, and at 4-3, the Hawks are far from the top of the waiver order. The Dolphins are the other team reportedly showing interest, and as I’m typing this, Dolphin fans are probably jumping around the room like Ritalin-addled kids in a minivan on the way to Disneyland. Brandon Marshall and The Freak on the same team would terrify the crap out of the rest of the league, and probably force Dan Marino out of retirement.

In all actuality, Moss isn’t going to make it past the multitude of subpar teams out there in need of a playmaker. (Jacksonville, Denver, Cleveland, etc) And then there’s Buffalo. Judging by how well that worked out for Terrell Owens, though, I’m not giving that one the vote of confidence.

But if he DID somehow fall to the Seahawks….hoboy.