Seahawks Rumors – Night 1

So, there have been a lot of cuts today, but few that affect the Seahawks. First, let’s focus on our boys in lime.

  • A number of people are claiming that Seattle is heavily in the running for Julius Peppers. The Redskins (as always) are thought to possibly go hard after him too, and might already have an agreement in place like they did last year with Haynesworth. This would be a huge splash and could overhaul the line’s effectiveness from day one. [Sounds like he signed with the Redskins, but Hawks were seen speaking with his agent at the combine…]
  • Aaron Kampman, former 4-3 standout DE in Green Bay is also looking like a possible fix to the defensive end position. Both Kampman and Peppers are 30 years old. More.
  • Kyle Vanden Bosch is another possibility, though he appears to be on a clear downward slope in his career. The red eyes + lime green might look pretty cool though.
  • League source says that there is interest by the Seahawks in Brandon Marshall. Apparently, not too many bidders there, so perhaps we could steal him… 2nd + Deion Branch anyone? (Doubt it, but…)
  • Nate Burleson has been all but silent for quite a few days on Twitter. Interesting…

That’s it from Camp Seahawks for now… 20 minutes…